The Lemon

Plantain Ceviche

by Raul Moreno

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This lemon is one of the most used fruits in the world. We see it in drinks, salads, seafood, and desserts; every cuisine culture you can think of has something to do with this fruit. It has a sour taste which can be combined with sweet and salty food. In all cases the flavor of the food gets enhanced by this strongly flavored fruit. It is one of the most popular citrus fruits worldwide and it is also used in some of the most popular dishes around the world like ceviche, key lime pie, sour cream and of course lemonade.

Its high concentration of vitamin C (50%) makes it a very useful fruit for fighting off disease. The high concentration of antioxidants makes it a great option to add to our daily basic dishes. Antioxidants are one of the most important substances that should be consumed. Why? Because it prevents inflammation, blindness, heart diseases, reduces cholesterol and reduces overall ageing processes.

I know it can be hard to eat the lemon by itself but you can get creative and prepare some great recipes with it. I have two delicious, nutritious and super simple recipes I can share with you.

Plantain Ceviche:

  • Chop two or three super ripe whole plantains into small slices.

  • Chop half onion.

  • Chop cilantro and any other vegetable of choice.

  • Mix it all in a bowl.

  • Cut two or three lemon and express them into the bowl.

  • Massage it with your hand for 5 minutes so the plantain “suck” the sour flavor.

  • Add cayenne pepper to taste.

Tahini/Lemon dressing for everything:

  • Use four to six tablespoons of tahini (depending on the tahini) and put it on a blender.

  • Add cilantro or any other spice of preference.

  • Add one to two lemons.

  • Start blending.

  • Add water until desired texture.

This recipe is great for any salty dressing, I use it as an extremely healthy sour cream for my tacos!